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What makes us different?

  • Stores and equipment available and operational in Antananarivo and Toamasina, Madagascar
  • 3 spiral wound machines and 2 joint cutting machines for the manufacture and repair of gaskets with diameters from 12 mm to 1500 mm and all metal windings
  • 1 cutting machine for threaded rods, chamfering and marking
  • 3 ALMEX vulcanizing presses for fabric and steel reinforced conveyor belts up to 1800mm wide

  • 1 autoclave for the rubber coating of parts up to 1500 mm in diameter and 6000 mm long
  • Pots, sandblasting and painting equipment
  • Welding and cutting Equipment
  • Complete equipment for cutting and crimping hydraulic hoses
  • Various vehicles and lifting equipment
  • A set of core drilling equipment
  • Insulation equipment: sheet metal cutting and forming equipment and tools
  • Stock of material available for all the disciplines mentioned above
  • Staff: more than 1,000 skilled employees in all the above-mentioned disciplines: nationals, Canadians, South Africans and Filipinos
  • We offer our customers 24/7 service
  • MADACAN has branches in South Africa, North America and Asia within the QI group, which can attend inquiries 24/7 for emergency supply


  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Industrial Automation
  • Identification and construction of metal and rubber hoses
  • Spiral wound gaskets: fabrication, rewinding
  • Fabrication of flat gaskets
  • PEXGOL: cross-linked polyethylene {PEX) pipes and fittings, supply and installation
  • Supply, cutting and chamfering of Imperial and metric threaded rods, washers
  • Rubber coating service
  • Maintenance of marine equipment
  • Conveyor belts, inspection, repair, installation and supply
  • Boilers, refractory and acid brick linings: repair, supply and installation
  • Industrial mechanics: design study, manufacturing, onsite maintenance

  • Protection against corrosion: surface preparation, sandblasting, painting and special coatings (arc spray and Polyurea spraying)
  • Industrial scaffolding: custom design, equipment rental, installation, inspection and dismantling
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Industrial electricity: supply of equipment and installation
  • Industrial valves of all types and all configuration

  • Training center for technical skills and HSE
  • Metal structures and civil engineering: design and construction


  • Custom made gaskets in all available sheet materials
  • Spiral wound gasket manufacturing in all
  • Materials Gasket surveys of OEM par

Conveyor Belts & Components

  • Hot vulcanized splicing
  • Mechanical splicing
  • Belt and Conveyor inspections
  • Repairs to conveying equipment
  • Mobile service

Rubber Lining

  • Hot cured rubber lining of pipe, valves and fittings. 60″ diameter Autoclave located in Tamatave
  • Site rubber lining of vessels, tanks and equipment
  • Rubber lining repairs

Expansion Joints & Valves

  • Expansion Joint repairs
  • Expansion joint surveys
  • On site valve surveys
  • On site training

Bolts/Nuts/Studs & Seals

  • Stud bolts made to size from Metric and Imperial threaded rod
  • Seal repairs to all make and models

Abrasive Blasting

  • Purpose built abrasive blasting tent
  • Mobile site blasting available

Product Sourcing

We have sourcing specialists in North America, Europe and Africa available to locate OEM and non-standard parts.

Priming & Painting

  • Purpose built painting facility for pipe and fittings
  • Site painting and priming services

A Global Presence

Madacan is part of QI Group Ltd. which operates subsidiaries in Canada, Africa, Madagascar, Thailand & Philippines. Learn more about our companies below.


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